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Why Does My Bathroom Sink Drain Smell?

Are you getting a foul smell from your bathroom sink when you run water? Have you’ve tried those fancy smell-good drain deodorizers and probably every last old homeowner’s remedy known to man without getting any lasting results? Today is your lucky day because we will discuss drain smell solutions that actually work.

First, let’s eliminate sinks that smell because they were improperly installed, lacking sufficient venting. While an uncommon problem, we do discover this problem occasionally. If your contractor installed the sink when the house was built, the building inspector should have made sure the contractor installed proper venting. If you added a bathroom and you installed that sink after you built the home, and no one obtained a permit, check to be sure the installer correctly vented the drain and waste piping. Fixing this can be costly.

Next, we will assume that you have already removed the pop-up sink stopper and removed any build-up of hair and other waste products. You men won’tpop-up-drain-stopper like to hear this, but facial hair clogs up and decomposes in the drain just like women’s hair, and smells just as bad. Hopefully, you looked down the drain to make sure there wasn’t a hair build-up on the internal lever that moves the drain stopper up and down. If there is hair here, carefully use a coat hanger to try to remove it.

Odor is common in sinks with an overflow hole, usually found in the front of the sink. That’s because they require a special drain with an opening in them for the overflow hole to drain. Water that goes down the sink through the drain can plug up that opening, causing the smell. Hair, organic waste and soap scum can accumulate in that opening, even though nothing may have passed through the overflow drain in the sink itself. The solution to this type of smell is to remove the drain assembly from the bottom of the sink and clean the accumulated waste from the sink. Ceramic sinks are especially prone to this type of problem.

Fixing a sink smell in the Phoenix area may be more work than you’d like to tackle. Call the plumbing professionals at Sav-On Plumbing for an affordable solution to this problem.

Why Do I Have Smelly/Brown Water Coming from my Faucets?

Smelly water and brown water coming from your faucets can be, but are not always related. Oftentimes, when you get brown water from your faucets, the culprit is a piece of galvanized pipe that is going bad. “But I’ve got copper plumbing” you say. Many people have copper plumbing in the walls, but their angle stops valves are connected to a galvanized nipple coming out of the wall. And, many water heaters have galvanized nipples on top of them. The connection between the copper and the galvanized goes bad, and voila-here comes the brown water. At Sav-On Plumbing, we can track down the source of this brown water and remedy the situation. If left untreated for too long, it may involve replacing the water heater. These things are best repaired when they first appear. Smelly water, or water that smells like “rotten eggs” is usually a sign that the anode rod in the water heater has gone bad. This anode rod protects your water heater from corrosion from the inside out. This is definitely something you’ll want to get fixed ASAP. Sometimes this can be fixed by replacing the anode rod and treating the water heater with bleach water; other times the water heater must be replaced. Call us and we will examine your problem, and together come up with the best solution for your individual circumstance.