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Why Ball Valves are Superior to Gate Valves

In the past week, we have replaced an unusual number of broken gate valves. Actually, they weren’t broken; the “gates” had been removed due to valve stem deterioration. Several of these customer tried shutting off their old gate valves with no chance of success.

Imagine your home flooding and not being able to shut off your water service valve – it’s not a pretty sight. Mold, furniture damage, damaged drywall, carpeting, paint and a potential unlivable home are real possibilities. Often times, a customer shuts off the gate valve, repairs the plumbing himself/herself (it’s the 21st century folks), turns the gate valve back on and voila-nothing. Or at best, a reduced flow. These are the lucky ones, believe it or not; they at least know they have a problem and can call an experienced, licensed plumber to remedy the situation by installing a new ball valve. There is no stem on ball valves, so when you turn the lever handle, the valve shuts off-it’s as simple as that. How much better is that, to spend a little now and avoid a potential disaster down the road. Because, you can count on it, sooner or later the gate valve will fail-most likely at the worst possible time when repairs will be the most costly.

If you’re not sure if your gate valve needs replacement, call us at 602-488-4647 and we’ll be happy to stop by at no charge and check it out for you.