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What Exactly Is a Free Estimate?

Customers call us regularly wanting to get a “free estimate”.  Therefore, we must examine what is a “free estimate” and what is not a free estimate. Generally speaking, a free estimate is when a customer calls us out to look at a problem that we can see, for instance a leak under a sink, or a toilet leak. We can take a look at the problem and give an accurate estimate of what is involved without having to take something apart to find out what is really going on.  When a customer calls with a problem like, for instance, a leak inside a wall, we cannot usually give an accurate estimate on a job of this scope without opening the wall to ascertain what exactly is going on, and this involves some work on our part. Therefore, we must charge you for diagnosing what the problem is. The same thing applies on a water heater that is not producing hot water; we have to take the covers of the water heater and use some test equipment to diagnose the problem. This is not a free estimate either.

We are happy to give free estimates. The prices we quote are fair prices, and are usually lower that what our competition quotes for the same repair. We want people to call us when they are ready to have the work performed. We will come and look at your problem and quote you a price you, and we, can be satisfied with. If you are just interested in getting an idea of what something might cost, we can try and give you a “phone estimate”, or when we have a serviceman in your area, we will be happy to stop and take an actual look at your problem for free.

Hopefully, this clears up what is and what is not a “free estimate”. If you have any questions, please call SAV-ON Plumbing 602-488-4647. We will be happy to discuss your problem and it’s possible solution.