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Don’t Flush Q-tips or Dental Floss Down the Toilet


As unlikely as it may seem, Q-tips and dental floss are the enemy when it comes to toilets and drains in your home. Q-tips have a propensity for getting caught in the trap of the toilet, or at the floor flange where the toilet bolts to the floor. The next time paper and waste is flushed, BAM; it hangs up on the Q-tips and you have a blockage or an overflowing toilet, an awful mess no one wants to deal with. If the Q-tips do make it out into the sewer line, they easily get caught up on tree roots. Now everything that comes down the drain is going to get caught and the whole house is going to be plugged up. You’ll be calling someone to deal with that problem, and if your luck is anything like mine, it will be on Christmas or Thanksgiving when you have a house full of company.

Dental floss works pretty much the same way-it finds some thing to get caught up on (like a burr in the pipe, or a sharp bend) and then it catches anything and everything that tries to go past.

Q-tips and dental floss should only be thrown into a waste paper container.
At Sav-On Plumbing, we are well schooled in remedying this problem should it occur. Feel free to give us a call at 602-488-4647 for a free estimate.

Dental floss can be a plumbing problem.

Tips For Hiring the Right Plumber

Most people get nervous at the thought of hiring a new service company. Perhaps they have heard the “horror stories” of their friends who may have been taken advantage of. Here are some easy tips to hiring a plumbing company that will not take advantage of you.

1. Search online for reviews of different companies; sources such as Yelp, Google, and Superpages have several companies with reviews, both good and bad that will give you a feel for various plumbers.

2. Talk with a few different companies to get acquainted with them and how they charge for their work. If they try to “up sell” you, or push you towards a maintenance contract, they are probably not what you’re looking for.

3. If possible, try to get a rough estimate, or phone quote. Make sure the quote is for the exact same work;
plumbing phone estimates vary widely depending on the exact work you are getting quoted on.

4. When you find a plumbing company you feel comfortable with, ask them to come to your home for a “firm quote” on the job. Now you will actually meet the technicians who will be doing the work, and you can decide if you will be comfortable with them in your home.

Sav-On Plumbing has excellent reviews on several different sites. Feel free to call us and we will be happy to discuss your problem and the solution at no charge.

Superpages customer:
We needed a plumber for a leaking kitchen faucet and called Sav-On Plumbing, they arrived the same day and fixed the problem. They even had the replacement parts on the van!! Not only were they timely and courteous but charges were VERY reasonable. I would recommend Sav-On Plumbing to anyone who needs a plumber! Thank you Sav-On Plumbing!!!!

Yelp customer:
Found Sav-On Plumbing thanks to all the good reviews on Yelp.  I called because of a clogged kitchen drain.  They were fast and the price was fair.  I will use them in the future.

Google customer:

Quality Excellent

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