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Water Heater Repair or Water Heater Replacement?

At Sav-On Plumbing, we get a lot of calls regarding water heaters that are not working, and are asked whether the water heater should be repaired, or replaced.  Of course its cheaper to repair a water heater than to replace one, but there are other factors that should be taken into consideration before you decide which route to go. Unless the water heater is leaking, in which case the only solution is to replace the unit.

If the problem is that it is not making hot water, it can usually be repaired. First though, you want to look how old is the heater.  If the heater is out of warranty, generally 6 years, it probably isn’t a wise decision to put too much money into a heater that is due for replacement in the near future. On an out-of-warranty electric heater, putting more than $200.00 into a repair is a waste of money, unless of course money dictates that a new heater is out of the question.

A gas water heater, since they generally last longer and have less maintenance than an electric, one can put  money into an out of warranty heater and have some expectation that the heater has some useful life left in it. However, it is a GAS WATER HEATER, and with gas safety must always be the first consideration. At Sav-On Plumbing, if a gas water heater is out of warranty and needs repair, we counsel our customer to replace rather than repair the unit.

If your water heater needs service, call Sav-On Plumbing. We will diagnose the condition of your heater, and make you a recommendation based on what’s best for your particular circumstance.

Tips to Consider When Purchasing a Water Heater

All water heaters are created equal right? NOT!!! A top quality water heater, like what we sell, can only be purchased at a plumbing supply house. We sell and install Bradford White water heaters; the ONLY water heater still made in the USA. These heaters have several features that make them a far superior choice over the heaters homeowners purchase at the do-it-yourself centers.

Bradford White heaters come with a standard 6 year warranty on the tank AND the components-elements, thermostats, temperature/relief valve, gas control, etc. And, the quality of the components is far superior to your home center heater (check the elements for size for instance). Our heaters will outlast the home center heater without fail.

Another often overlooked item is the water heater drain. Of course, we all know that water heaters are supposed to be drained periodically; every 3-6 months minimum. Our water heaters have an all brass drain that won’t fail and leak after the tank has been drained. A cheap plastic drain will work, once or twice, but when it fails you’ll have 40-50 gallons of water leaking that you won’t be able to stop. No one considers this until it’s too late.

Lastly, our water heater comes with a one year in-home service warranty. This means if you have a problem the first year, we will come fix it at no charge to you. If you have a problem in years 2-6, you will pay for the service, not for the parts. Bottom line, you will save money in the short and long run, plus avoid the hassle of having to find someone to try to repair a substandard water heater.

Give us a call 602-488-4647. We’ll quote you a reasonable price and get it done the same day. That’s service!


Should My Water Heater be Serviced? Why? How?

Most water heater manufacturers recommend servicing your water heater every 3 or 6 months. This is designed to flush the sediment out of the heater, giving you more efficient operation and more hot water out of your unit.

  • The first step in this procedure is to shut off the power to the unit, if it is electric, or turn the gas control to off if it is a gas water heater.
  • Second, shut off the ball valve or gate valve at the top of the heater.
  • Third, hook up a hose to the water heater drain at the bottom of the heater and open the drain. It will probably be necessary to open a hot water faucet in the home for the heater to drain. You can also open the temperature/pressure relief valve on the heater to accomplish this. Some water heaters, particularly those that haven’t been serviced on a regular basis, will not drain. If this is the case with yours, we strongly recommend that you call a service professional; it can be quite tricky to get it to drain with out making a mess or a flood.
  • After the heater has thoroughly drained, shut the water heater drain, remove the hose, and open the valve at the top to refill the water heater. Leave a faucet open in the home to allow the air to purge itself from the heater. When you hear the heater fill up, and there is a steady stream of water and no air, shut the faucet off and turn the power back on (or re-light the pilot light if it is gas). You are now back in business, and should have hot water in 30-40 minutes.

It is imperative that you do not turn the power back on, or re-light the water heater until it is full of water. If all this sounds like too much for you to handle, or you run into problems, give Sav-On Plumbing a call 602-488-4647. We are very experienced performing this task, and can save you time, aggravation and expense.

Why a Phone Estimate is Not Such a Good Idea

waterheater leaked and caused over $9000.00 in damages.

We get a lot of phone calls from customers asking for a “phone estimate”. Usually, these customers are just checking prices, looking for the “best deal”. The problem here is that it is unreasonable to expect a phone estimate, given sight unseen, to be a firm price the customer can hold the contractor to, and it is unfair to expect it to be accurate, given all the variables involved in a plumbing repair job.

At Sav-On Plumbing, we offer a free on-site estimate and we will give you a full description of what we will do and a firm price you can hold us to, given that the work involved is what we estimate it to be. Sometimes, when the work is hidden from view this is not possible. Our policy in this case is to give an estimate based on what we think is involved, and once the problem is exposed (for instance, a leak behind the wall), we will confirm what the actual job is and the actual cost. We do NOT want to be the guy who quotes a low price over the phone just to get to the job, and once we’re there say “Oh, this job is much more involved and blah, blah,blah, and it’s going to  cost you two/three times the original phone estimate. Their hope is that once they’re there, you’ll figure “I might as well have them fix it”, and you end up paying through the nose for it. At best, they have wasted your time. We are not looking to waste your time or ours. Call a few companies and get their phone estimate; then call us and we’ll look at the job and give you a price you and we can live with. You’ll save time and money dealing with us-That’s why we’re Sav-On Plumbing.