Do I Need a Pressure Regulator?

Do you hear loud banging noises when your plumbing fixtures shut off after use? Or maybe you can hear the water flowing through the pipes when you use your plumbing. These are signs of excessive water pressure. If the water pressure to your home exceeds 85 lbs., the Uniform Plumbing Code (the code that regulates plumbing in AZ) says you need a pressure regulator.

Maybe you already have a pressure regulator but it is out of adjustment, or needs to be repaired. A properly adjusted pressure regulator will extend the life of your plumbing system, reducing the pressure on your plumbing fixtures makes them less prone to leaks and drips. And excessive water pressure is a mortal enemy of your water heater. The pressure is easily checked with a pressure gauge attached at your hose bib. In order to get an accurate reading, any present leaks must first be fixed before the test. Sav-On Plumbing will be happy to test your pressure at no charge. Call us today to schedule a free, no charge look.

If you need a pressure regulator, we will be happy to give you a free estimate on the purchase and install of one. We can also fix any other plumbing problems you may have. Call us today.

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