Replace Bath Tub with Shower for Elderly Access/Safety

A “slip and fall” injury can be a serious matter to anyone, but it is particularly dangerous, and far more common to the elderly. Bath tubs, with their high sides, present a potentially hazardous situation to the ones nearest and dearest to our hearts. If your parents are anything like mine, they won’t ask or express their fear of falling in the bath tub, for a variety of reasons we won’t delve into here. However, when I recently asked my Dad if he would like me to remove his bath tub, and replace it with a large walk-in shower, he jumped at the chance. It was no picnic getting the large, cast iron bath tub out of this small bathroom. The house is old, and the floors were out of level, which necessitated re-doing the floor before we could proceed. We also changed the plumbing in the wall and added a new pressure balanced shower valve with scald-guard protection. Inside the walls, we put backer boards to attach the handicapped grab rails. Anyone can grab these babies and they are not going to come loose. Since a shower needs a bigger drain than a bath tub, we installed a larger drain before we put the new shower pan in, a fiberglass unit with a no-slip floor and a seat. Lastly, we trimmed out the walls with¬† new fiberglass reinforced panels and a new shower door.¬† It was a really sharp job and made me happy to be able to do something for my Dad that he needed, but would never ask for. While this of course, doesn’t guarantee that he won’t have some problem in the bathroom in the future, it gives me enormous peace of mind knowing that we (my brother in law and myself) have done all we can to insure that something like a fall in the tub doesn’t happen on our watch.

If this sounds like something that your parents might need, give us a call @ 602-488-4647. We’ll come out and give you a free estimate, and show you some pictures of what we can do for your parents, grandparents, whomever.

shower installation for handicapp accessible

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