What is a Comfort-Height Toilet and Do I Need One?

A “comfort-height” toilet is a toilet that is higher up from the floor than a standard height toilet. The height of a toilet is measured from the floor to the edge of the rim. Toilets vary in height from 14″ to 18″. If you are used to a toilet that is say 15″ or so, and install a toilet that is 14″, you will definitely notice that 1″ difference the first time you go to sit down, in fact that 1″ will seem more like a foot and you will probably feel like you’re going to fall. Generally speaking, your cheaper toilets tend to fall in the shorter range. Your taller toilets, or “comfort height toilets” tend to cost more; how much more depends on the quality of the toilet you purchase. A 16-1/2″ inch toilet is the most common toilet we sell. Our customers rave about how much easier getting on and off the “throne” is when it is the higher toilet. Since there aren’t any places where you can just go and try a comfort height toilet, you’re probably going to have to trust us on this claim.

Check our reviews on Yelp, DexKnows.com and the testimonials on our web site. Then call us and we can discuss whether this is something you would like.

These toilets also come as “water-saver” toilets. We recommend the 1.28gal per flush models. These toilets have a powerful flush, and use only 1.28 gallons. Call us today.

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